Establishment Enroller Agreement

To become an enroller, please provide us with the information requested, review and complete this agreement before you submit. Once submitted, we will contact you to answer your questions and provide a Quick Setup Kit.

Safe Return Assistance Plan Inc. ("Company") and the Establishment ("Establishment") agree, as follows:

WHEREAS employees and agents of the Establishment will be authorized Enrollers of a Lifetime Membership issued by the Company, the Establishment and Company agree, by signing this Agreement, that the following terms and conditions will govern such enrollments.

The Enrollers will:

1) Make prospective members aware of the ability to purchase a Lifetime Membership and of the benefits of membership;

2) Assist new Members with completion of the Enrollment Form based on information provided by the Member and in accordance with the written guidelines of the Company;

3) Forward to the Company properly completed Enrollment Forms and payment or means of payment for the Membership Fee within five business days of the date that the Enrollment Form is signed by the Member; and

4) Provide to each Member a copy of the completed Enrollment Form, and Enrollment Kit that follows, as provided by the Company.

The Company will:

5) Provide a marketing allowance to the Establishment and/or to the Establishment's employee or agent, as directed in writing by the Establishment, for each Lifetime Membership Enrollment Form accepted by the Company. Marketing allowances paid are inclusive of taxes, as applicable. The entire marketing allowance must be returned to the Company if the Lifetime Membership is cancelled during the 30-day free-look period or if the Membership Fee is not paid in full within one-year of the date of enrollment. The marketing allowance amount is subject to change upon written notice to the Establishment;

6) Reserve the right to communicate directly with any Member; and

7) Provide Lifetime Membership Benefits, as described below.

Lifetime Membership Benefits include:

Repatriation Services:

In the event of the death of a Member, which occurs more than 100 km away from their legal residence or in another country, which is not their country of residence at the time of their death, Safe Return Assistance Plan will provide repatriation services as outlined in the terms and conditions printed on the Lifetime Membership Enrollment Form.

Enrollment Kit:

A personalized wallet card and two luggage tags containing the Member's information as recorded on the enrollment form will be provided to the Establishment for delivery to each new Member. Additional or replacement wallet cards or luggage togs may be made available for a fee.

Online Travel Resources:

Members may access the Safe Return Assistance Plan website containing travel and safety related information.

Electronic Newsletter:

Members may access the online Safe Return Assistance Plan newsletter.


Lifetime Membership may only be offered for sale to residents of Canada or the United States of America who are physically present within 100kms of their legal residence and do not reside in an extended care facility or nursing home at the time of enrollment. Benefits of Lifetime Membership do not take effect until the Company has received the enrollment form and payment.

This Agreement is of a one-year term and shall renew automatically. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing the other party with at least 30-days written notice, or immediately by the Company by providing written notice to the Establishment in the event that the Establishment fails to adhere to any term of this Agreement.

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