Welcome to Safe Return Assistance Plan

When a loved one dies while away from home, the only thing that matters is returning them home safely. Whether travelling for work or pleasure, staying at a second home or visiting relatives, the unexpected can and does happen.

And when you’re in an unfamiliar place, dealing with a tragedy can be so much harder, compounded by unknown languages and customs or unanticipated costs.

What do you do? Where do you start?

The best answer: Start here and now, before you leave.

Getting your loved one home, no matter what the circumstances, is but a toll-free phone call away for members of Safe Return Assistance Plan.

News and Updates

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    Companion Coverage Added to Safe Return Assistance Plan

    Effective immediately, all new and existing members of Safe Return Assistance Plan are eligible to receive companion protection at no additional cost. This means upon the death of a member eligible to receive repatriation services, Safe Return Assistance Plan will provide transportation for one companion travelling with the deceased member to return home with the mortal remains or if the member is travelling alone, provide transportation for one next-of-kin to travel to the location of the sending funeral home and return with the mortal remains.

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    New Website Launched

    Safe Return Assistance Plan is pleased to release its new website. Fully bilingual, the new website includes enhanced information about Lifetime Membership and offers existing members the opportunity to subscribe to its members only newsletter, submit an address change and request an updated wallet card or luggage tags.

Who We Are

Safe Return Assistance Plan is brought to you from industry leader MacKinnon & Bowes, experts in the transfer of deceased persons from around the globe.

  • "We’re proud to be the leaders in repatriating and transferring deceased Canadians from wherever in the world they may be. It makes sense to offer Canadians more choice, through trusted providers."


Travel often. Travel well. Travel without worry.