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Safe Return Assistance Plan - Lifetime Membership provides repatriation services upon the death of a Member, occurring anywhere in the world, more than 100km from the Member's legal residence. The experts of Mackinnon & Bowes oversee all services and work closely with the receiving funeral establishment to return the deceased Member's remains. All expenses are paid directly by Safe Return Assistance Plan, saving the family from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Safe Return Assistance Plan arranges and makes direct payment for

  • Locating and engaging a local, licensed funeral home, mortuary or direct disposition facility at the place of death.
  • Transporting the remains from the place of death to a licensed funeral home, mortuary or direct disposition facility.
  • Arranging for direct cremation services, when available and desired.
  • Arranging for full body repatriation when requested and available, including:
  • Preparation of the full body for transport and procuring a death certificate and consular services when required.
  • Purchasing the minimally required transportation container or air tray for transport and
  • Arranging for transportation of the remains to a funeral establishment near the Member's legal residence.

All services must be arranged by Safe Return with direct payment and no claims for reimbursement will be accepted. Refer to member enrollment form for complete terms and conditions.

Here are typical repatriation costs to Canada from popular destinations:


The Hottest Destinations of 2018 for Canadian Travellers

Most Trending

  • Orlando, Florida $4,000
  • Washington $14,000
  • Springfield $9,000
  • Franklin $4,700
  • Greenville $2,500
  • Bristol $17,000
  • Clinton $11,000
  • Madison $1,200

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