Additional information about how the plan works.

What happens if Safe Return Assistance Plan goes out of business?

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company has issued a contractual liability insurance policy wherein Safe Return Assistance Plan Inc. is the named insured. The policy provides coverage for repatriation services claims in the event of financial failure by Safe Return Assistance Plan Inc.

What happens if I die away from home, but my family is unaware that I have a Safe Return Assistance Plan Lifetime Membership?

Safe Return Assistance Plan arranges for direct provision and payment for repatriation services. Claims for reimbursement are not accepted. Please be certain your next of kin is aware that you hold a Safe Return Assistance Plan Lifetime Membership and carry your wallet card with you at all times.

Do I need to purchase a funeral plan to become a Member of Safe Return Assistance Plan?

A funeral plan is not required to purchase a Safe Return Assistance Plan Lifetime Membership.

How will I know when my Lifetime Membership has been processed?

Every new Safe Return Assistance Plan Member receives certificate of coverage at the time of enrollment with an authorized enroller. An official enrollment kit including a personalized wallet card and two complimentary luggage tags is delivered to the new Member by the enroller within 2-4 weeks following enrollment.

Does Safe Return Assistance Plan pay travel expenses for a travel companion?

Upon the death of a member eligible to receive repatriation services, Safe Return Assistance Plan will provide transportation for one human companion travelling with the deceased member to return home with the mortal remains or if the member is travelling alone, provide transportation for one next-of-kin to travel to the location of the sending funeral home and return with the mortal remains.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my Lifetime Membership?

New Members of Safe Return Assistance Plan may cancel their Lifetime Membership and receive a full refund within 30 days of enrollment in the plan.

What happens to my Liftime Membership if I move to a new community?

Lifetime Membership remains in effect as long as the Member legally resides in Canada or the United States of America. Legal residence is defined as the place of residence for six months plus one day in the twelve months immediately preceding the date of death. A nursing home or extended care facility will be deemed the legal residence if the Member’s stay there lasted six months plus one day or more. Legal residence may require verification.

Am I able to enroll in Safe Return Assistance Plan while I am travelling?

Enrollment may occur at any time. If a new Member enrolls while away from home, eligibility for assistance will be activated for subsequent travel upon the Member’s return to their legal residence.

Can I enrol a family member who resides in a nursing home or extended care facility?

Individuals residing in a nursing home or extended care facility at the time of enrollment may not be enrolled in Safe Return Assistance Plan.

Should I purchase a Safe Return Assistance Plan Lifetime Membership if I already have repatriation coverage through a travel insurance policy or credit card?

Unlike repatriation coverage included with some travel insurance policies, Safe Return Assistance Plan provides a lifetime membership for a low, one-time fee. Some credit cards, pensions and group benefit plans also provide for repatriation. Regardless of existing coverage, it is important to read the terms and conditions as other coverage may fall short in some or all of the following ways:

  • Benefit amount may be capped below the actual cost to repatriate
  • Benefit may exclude travel within the province of residence
  • Next-of-kin may be responsible for procuring service providers and coordinating services
  • The cost for services must be paid out-of-pocket immediately and reimbursed, if eligible
  • Costs of trip must have been paid using the credit card offering the repatriation coverage
  • Repatriation benefit may return the deceased only to the point of departure on the trip leg which death occurs, not to the deceased’s place of residence

It’s a good idea to refer to your travel insurance policy or broker, or credit card documentation to confirm eligibility and coverage details.

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